Welcome to the world of Breathwork

where it all begins and ends with
a simple breath. In the quest to rediscover our authentic selves, I sought answers on how to guide both myself and others back to our true nature. The true self, covered by conditionings, traumas, experiences, and emotions that no longer serve us, awaits rediscovery.

In-spire – to give inspiration / ideas – related to the mind
In-spire – the Latin verb spirare means “breathe”, so we are connecting with our body
Finally, it also consists of the word spirit – our soul

Initiating change involves

embracing movement, feeling, and reconnecting with the body and its sensations. Paradoxically, the avoidance of difficult emotions denies us access to the profound ones. The integration of mind, body, and soul is through something we all do without thinking much about it—breathing. While breathing occurs involuntarily, we wield the power to control it. Through breath, we access the nervous system, inducing a calm state or gently activating it to release trapped emotions safely.

Breath is like the magical bridge 
that connects our body, mind, and soul. It inspires us to go beyond our thoughts and the things that weigh us down. Each emotion or state of being has its own breathing style. When things get stressful, our breath becomes short and tight to keep us from getting overwhelmed. When we are relaxed and calm, we breathe slowly and deeply. Challenges arise when our bodies develop protective armor, hindering the ability to take deep breaths in our daily lives like, for example, trauma survivors, including myself, can sometimes get overwhelmed just by paying attention to the breathing.

That's why being gentle to ourselves is very important. Conscious breathing enables a safe connection with the body, allowing suppressed emotional energy to surface. Mindful Touch and Movement further assist in the safe release of emotions, unveiling stories deeply embedded in the unconscious.
As a Breathwork facilitator 
trained in Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System® (BBTRS), I guide individuals back to basics, encouraging a connection with their bodies and trapped emotions. I demonstrate how to observe sensations and release them through mindful movement. Breath, to me, embodies a meditative form that facilitates reconnection with ourselves. In recognizing that we all share the same bubble of air on Earth, the ripple effect of personal transformation extends to others. It really highlights the significance of inner work – the more we cultivate within, the more the beauty of the world around us unfolds.

Embark on this breathwork journey, where the power of breath becomes a catalyst for profound personal and collective transformation.

where it all begins and ends with a simple breath